Bake-a-Bon Week: Little Bakers make delicious Cinnabon treats

Fun activities and sweet signature aroma of Cinnabon baked goodies, filled the surrounding of the Centaurus Mall, an hour before the opening time of Mall during last week. The excitement and sweet scent originated from a corner where the school kids were busy making and baking at Cinnabon, the famous American chain of baked goodies. 

It was ‘Bake-a-Bon’ week at Cinnabon and the little bakers, aptly dressed in chef hats and aprons, appeared as dedicated as the staff, in preparing the world-famous cinnamon rolls of Cinnabon. The mixing, rolling and rising of the dough thrilled the little ones who had a unique learning bakery experience. The chocolate filling and cutting part delighted Mahnoor most. “It was fun spreading chocolate on the dough but the cutting is what I just loved!” says Mahnoor Amir, a young baker.

Some 20 students of Sheikh Zayed International Academy-Islamabad visited the Cinnabon outlet each weekday. “The visiting students are from pre-school level to grade 8” tells Naima Emad, Vice Chancellor of the School. “I love the idea of letting the kids try their hands on different and creative things” and it was a great learning experience for them. “It is so pleasing to see them having so much fun.”
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Bake-a-Bon is a promotional activity by Cinnabon that offers kids to experience the art of baking a Cinnabon by being part of the process from mixing and rolling to final assembly and baking of the delicious cinnamon rolls. This popular activity has been well received in Lahore and Karachi and was arranged for the first time in Cinnabon Islamabad’s recently-opened outlet. Children also enjoyed face-painting and colouring other than the baking.

After all the work was done, the kids and teacher took their seat to have the mouthwatering Cinnabon treats – gooey, frosting-covered Cinnabon Classic cinnamon rolls and Chocobon with Chillatas (smoothies). The eating part was as enjoyable as cooking. Nine-year-old Aisha Kahsif loved eating more than cooking but she adds plainly “I would love to make cinnamon rolls at home too if only they would share the yummy dough recipe.”

Kids seemed to be delightful to have an opportunity of making their own rolls with the makers of the world’s most admired cinnamon rolls. “It feels great to see kids participating so delightedly,” says Zahra Sohail, marketing manager at Cinnabon. “They are having a hands-on experience of making the famous Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon roll and Chocobon.” She adds: “Cinnabon as a global brand occasionally engages with its customers especially kids” for whom Cinnabon has turned into ultimate treat indulgence.
Achieving the perfect mix of fun and learning, through fun-filled play activities in an enlightening environment, the brand aimed to deepen its bond with kids. Today children represent a significant demographic to marketers since they have more autonomy and greatly influences their parents’ buying decisions.

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