CDA to plant 600,000 saplings during spring season

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CDA to plant 600,000 saplings in Islamabad during the 2018 spring season

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The Capital Development Authority (CDA) aims to launch a tree plantation campaign in order to meet the plantation target of 600,000 saplings of various species across the city, during the 2018 spring season.

In order to improve the landscape and living environment of the Islamabad, CDA and Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation will plant over 600,000 saplings of different species.

The tree saplings will be carried out in collaboration with different government and non-governmental organisations, other civil society groups and schools, colleges, universities as well.

The trees and shrubs play the major role in improving the urban landscape and help protect the city environment. Trees and shrubs meet different needs for food, shelter, energy and aesthetic in the city. Urban woodlands and forest areas beyond the city offer respite if only for while, from the pressure of the daily life.

Executive Director of Environment Directorate CDA, Sanaullah Aman said in an opening ceremony that campaign would be held in Fatima Jinnah Park (F-9) on February 15.

Sanaullah Aman further said that, the campaign would focus parks, Margalla hills and green belts to make it greener for the healthy environment as well as planted fruit trees in sizable number.

Executive Director of Environment Directorate CDA added that tree plantation ensures the clean environment and contribute to minimising pollution and to educate people of the city so that they could play their due role in enhancing the green character of the city.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has also launched a comprehensive awareness campaign. In this regard, Banners, Streamers and other publicity material have been displayed across the federal capital to highlight the importance of plantation and trees to make Islamabad more beautiful and green.

The trees CDA will plant shadowy and fruit-laden trees including Kachnar, Amaltas, Champine, Tauranga, Olive and Jamun trees in each sector of the capital.

After completion of these development projects, CDA meets the deficiencies of greenery not only to maintain but further add to the beauty and natural green character of the city.

Earlier CDA planted 450,000 saplings in the federal capital in collaboration with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and various institutions.

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