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Classic Rock Coffee is changing Islamabad’s cafe scene

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Vibrant interior, live music and most amazing coffee is what makes Classic Rock Coffee one of the only cafes of its kind

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Rock music was introduced in Pakistan in the early 1980s at a time when the dictatorial regime of General Zia was against the music and the media fame in Pakistan. Pakistani youth, slowly and gradually, had found a new addiction in the form of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Van Halen. Rock music has unknowingly become a part of our society since then, without being adapted officially. The next dictatorial regime, however, was a contrast to what we had witnessed previously. Music was promoted and so was the media since 2000.

Moving on to the year 2017, music, media and film industry has witnessed many revivals and the rock music has finally seen some acceptance from the society. Recently I had the opportunity to visit one of the exclusive International cafe in Islamabad named as Classic Rock Coffee located in F-6. Classic Rock Coffee is a US-based coffee chain, offering the exceptional combination of freshly roasted coffee and live music.

As I entered the café, I was buzzed with the vault door that was opened by a security guard which I find impressive since most of the restaurants do not focus much on the doors and the entrances. On stepping inside, I was astonished the overall interiors of the café with piano-themed seats and dining tables with turntables as their top, an appealing corner with a concert stage, hanging guitars and what not. Rock and coffee seems to be a new concept in the café scene of Islamabad and as a matter of fact, Classic Rock Coffee is one of the only cafes of its kind.

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The menu was exclusively focused on coffee, where V60 Pour Over was offered as their signature coffee that is brewed on order so it is definitely worth the wait. I found a huge variety of coffee imported from different countries which is then processed as per the segment flavor. That indeed was an exceptional offer in Islamabad. Coffee options were simply not limited to usual Espresso, Americano and Macchiato. However, the V60 is a must try for all the caffeine lovers!

Classic Rock Coffee PakistanThe V60 was served in a conical flask, and a simple shot glass. I mean it when I say this is going to be something I will not forget for the years to come. The impressive presentation, however, was warning me deep inside of what I was about to sip in would be extremely addictive and I am not at all hesitant in saying that it literally shocked me to my core. All of a sudden I was able to understand why they claim that their coffee rocks, and this is the only place that has coffee with such an attitude.

The coffee was accompanied with Chicken Train Panini sandwiches. The sandwiches were grilled to perfection and the chicken was perfectly blended with the cheese sauces, the fries served really crispy and the best part was the food was served hot. The crispiness of the sandwiches was justifying the statement of the server that all the items are prepared on order. The staff of the cafe was really helpful and I was clearly able to see that customer satisfaction was a top most priority.

Next, I tried was the spicy beef steak which was cooked well done and served on a cold plate along with fries and fresh veggies. The steak was thicker than usual and the spicy sauce was a unique combination, however, was not up to my expectations. So I asked the waiter to make it little more spicy, and he did. The sauce quantity was restricted because of high intensity of spices and I was assured a few times that having more of this could be dangerous for my health. Though the steak was cooked to perfection it lacked the spices that I was anticipating.

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One of the unique and charming features of Classic Rock Coffee is that it regularly promotes rock and sufi music by hosting musical nights twice in a calendar month. This café offers the platform that the younger generation needs to boast their skills. What better could it be to sip some strong coffee while enjoying some great music! One can get in touch with the management to organize such an event since they have most of the equipment that is required to run such a show. Lights, speaker and even a corner that depicts the stage is readily available.

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All in all, this is the best place to hang out with your friends and the coffee is a strong recommendation. Last but not the least, the attitude of the staff and the manager was more than overwhelming. The level of customer satisfaction and customer handling offered at this place is something many local restaurants should learn from in order to gain admiration.

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Cafe Rating

4 stars

Ambiance = 9/10

Coffee = 9/10

Steak = 6.5/10

Panini = 9/10

Attitude of staff = 9.5/10

Cafe details

Address: First Floor, Shaukat Plaza, Super Market, Islamabad

Phone: (051) 8736437

Open: 8 am to 12 am every day

Parking: Available

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Photo courtesy: Baber Mushtaq and Classic Rock Coffee

Baber Mushtaq
Baber Mushtaq is a passionate professional Marketer, a foodie by default and an obsessed reader. He loves socializing and exploring nature.

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