Government announces 25% ad hoc allowance for BPS 1-19 federal employees

The detained protestors released and FIRs against them will be taken back

The government announced a 25% ad hoc increase in salaries of all federal employees of Basic Pay Scale one to 19 after the recent protests in the federal capital.

The announcement was made by the Minister for Defense Pervez Khattak, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid, and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan in a press conference in Islamabad.

Khattak also recommended that the provincial governments also followed suit. The allowances will stay in place until the pay and pension committee comes up with new recommendations. Sheikh Rasheed added that the pays for the Basic Pay Scale 20 and above will increase in the annual budget. The detained employees will be released and any FIRs will be taken back.

Employees clash with law enforcers

Yesterday, severe clashes took place between government employees and the police after the former took to the streets of the federal capital to demand pay increases. The government gave the nod for 24% but the employees wanted a 40% increase.

The protests took place at Sri Nagar Highway, near Constitution Avenue, and a couple of other places in Islamabad. Police resorted to severe shelling to disperse the protestors. Travelers had to face long delays, at times for several hours, in order to take alternate routes and reach their destinations. People entering Islamabad from the motorway were especially affected.   

One hopes that the matters will now be amicably settled and both sides will take it easy. Such matters can very easily be discussed and solved on the negotiation table. However, the heavy-handedness of those in the corridors of power and the eagerness of protesting among the masses is becoming a permanent problem. This needs to be addressed and if people must protest, a designated area should be allotted for it.   

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