Search operation for mountaineers missing on K2 to continue

The helicopters in the rescue operation have been grounded due to severe winds in the area

The search operation for the missing mountaineers from the K2 summit John Snorri, Ali Sadpara and Juan Pablo Mohr will continue after the families of the three belonging to Iceland, Chile and Pakistan agreed to continue. The search and rescue operations are currently halted due to severe weather conditions. The rescue operation will begin once the weather clears out. The families have thanked everyone involved in the process.

Iceland Space Agency is benefitting from SAR technology, which has never before used in search and rescue operations. It will allow coverage of each and every part of the mountain despite of the ad weather conditions. Pakistan’s government, Pakistan army and the Iceland government are combining forces to ensure that the rescue operations is running in the best possible manner. The families have also urged the people to avoid spreading rumors.

“We ask that everyone please realize that there is a lot of work going on in the background tracing department and not to worry if helicopters can fly or not fly – we need somewhere for them to fly to. If the weather is good, yes – they will fly, but multiple flights have not seen any bodies. We are using more sophisticated technology. Please avoid those rumors that talk rubbish.”

K2 Winter Summit

K2 is one of the toughest mountains to climb in the world. Until a few weeks back, no one had climbed it in the winters. However, a Nepalese summit was successful to climb the peak. Ali Sedpara and the two other missing climbers were on their way to K2’s peak before they lost all communication. Rescue helicopters have made several rounds but due to severe winds, the helicopters are on the ground.  

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