Islamabad Auto Show 2014 – Classic Cars on display

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From Rolls Royce and Ferrari and from modern cars to sports and vintage cars, from jeeps to bikes, the Islamabad Auto Show had something for everyone.

Third Islamabad Auto Show 2014, held at Fatima Jinnah Park on Sunday (23 Nov. 2014), displayed more than 500 exclusive vehicles that attracted a large number of visitors, including families and kids. Visitors made the best of winter day by attending the Auto Show and discovering some of the best automotive marvels of the past and present era. People posed in front of their favourite cars while some curious ones took a closer look by sitting inside cars. Bike lovers also had a chance to took a ride in their favourite bikes and explore some of the classy vehicles at the auto show.

The event was organised by Pakwheels, an online community of Pakistani car enthusiasts with over 300,000 members.

Photo credits: Usman Sarwar Films

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