Islamabad schools take part in German Spelling Bee competition 2017

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Second Round of PASCH German Spelling Bee competition 2017

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Roots International Schools (RIS), a partner of Goethe Institute and first PASCH School in Pakistan, hosted the Second Round of PASCH German Spelling Bee Competition-2017 on Tuesday with participating school teams from four schools of Islamabad.

Roots Millennium Piccadilly campus winner of Islamabad round of Spelling bee.Our heartiest congratulations to all of them!

Final 10 spelling bee teams gathered at Roots International Schools, Wellington Campus for the second round of the German Spelling Bee competition. The adorable little bees from RIS, Westridge campus did wonderfully and they emerged as the third runner up.

Roots German Language Department under the leadership of RIS CEO Walid Mushtaq aims to build up a network to awaken students’ interest and enthusiasm for German language and German Society. It offers a unique frame of activities and programs alongside German language courses. It gives a platform to students to excel and explore multiple opportunities. Roots German Language Department striving to develop students with strong language skills and analytical abilities they need to polish in higher education and future careers. Department is focused towards responding to the needs of students by providing quality education and tapping the potential excellence through cultural exposure and language diversities.

RIS CEO Walid Mushtaq said: “We promote open-mindedness and education beyond borders. German language, PASCH and institutes like RIS make it possible to cross the racial & cultural barriers. Roots International Schools always looks for providing multi challenging grounds to its students for academic and professional growth. We welcome every institute for healthy and prolific competitions”

A big thank you to Naurin Zaki (director of Goethe Institute), Saira Niazi, the project in-charge of the Spelling Bee competition, and for arranging and moderating the competition. Students were very enthusiastic about the competition, it was very tough and healthy competition and indeed a big opportunity for all the students to outshine in their future careers. We hope to have more of such competitions to make German language more common.

Salma Khan
Salma writes on topics ranging from education to technology to business. She can be reached at Twitter and Facebook.

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