Japan Embassy in Islamabad installs electric wheelchair lift

Electric Wheelchair Lift for physically handicapped persons installed at the entrance gate of Embassy of Japan in Islamabad

Speeding up barrier-free initiatives, the embassy of Japan in Pakistan has installed an electric wheelchair lift for the stairs at the entrance of the consular building for better accessibility of physically handicapped persons.

This step was taken after a slope was installed at the entrance of the main building last September.

The installation of the lift for wheelchairs has made the embassy more convenient and accessible and enables physically handicapped persons more easily to apply for a visa.

H.E. Matsuda Kuninori, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan and Mr. Muhammad Shafiq Ur Rehman, President of Milestone Society for the Special Persons, the guest of honor, inaugurated the newly installed electric wheelchair lift on Tuesday (March 3).

“Physically handicapped persons deserve more attention and support and Japan will continue helping them to become an active part of the society,” Ambassador Matsuda said.

He added that the Embassy of Japan is continuing to provide support for persons with disabilities in Pakistan and would like to recognize this importance, especially Japan is going to host Paralympics 2020 in Tokyo this summer.

Mr. Muhammad Shafiq Ur Rehman, President of Milestone Society for the Special Persons, expressing his views at the unveiling ceremony said that he was very delighted as his long-time dream has come true after the installation of an electric wheelchair lift for physically handicapped person’s barrier-free entry inside the consular building.

He thanked the Ambassador for taking his personal interest into this longstanding request that led to the early completion of the project.

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