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Jazz users face brief outage, phone and Internet service affected

Citizens in major cities of Pakistan reported the Jazz network outage on social media

Pakistan’s leading mobile operator services remained suspended for several hours in different major cities of the country on June 16.

Several users in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi reported the network outage on Twitter and complained that they were unable to make calls and use mobile data for a couple of hours.

There was no official reaction from Jazz and the customer support helpline of Jazz was also reportedly unresponsive which confused customers who then took to Twitter to report the outage.

A few hours later, the ProPakistani media outlet quoted a Jazz spokesperson saying that “multiple cuts in the optical fiber cable caused degradation” which disabled internet and phone service at some locations in the North region.

The company spokesperson said that the teams “responded swiftly” and all services were fully restored promptly.

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