Mocca in Islamabad offers delightful Iftar feast this Ramadan

Mocca cafe in Islamabad is offering one of the most delightful Iftar feasts this Ramadan

One of the delightful Iftar and dinner meals I tried this Ramadan was at Mocca café in the chic Kohsar Market in Islamabad.

The café ambiance is very lively and staff very welcoming. We ordered a simple Iftar platter as well as Iftar+dinner combo. Let’s first have a look at what we had.

Mocca Iftar Platter:

Dates, figs, sandwiches, grilled chicken, fish sticks, yogurt fruit delight (one of the most charming items), green salad, mini sandwiches, two macaroons of your choice and any drink (we ordered fresh peach and apple juice).

Plus a huge slice of low carb carrot cake (can be replaced with banana cake).

All this for Rs895/- only.

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Mocca Iftar review Islamabad Scene

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I was delighted to find the dates with almonds inside (little things matter) and also figs as I love them. Fish sticks were so delicious and perfectly complemented with the sauce. The grilled chicken was dry, very very dry. I loved the yogurt fruit delight which looked scrumptious and offered a nutritious meal in a little glass.

The only backdrop was the meal was not served hot. If the fish sticks and the chicken was hot and fresh from the oven it would have made the whole meal outstanding.

Iftar + dinner combo:

It includes one main dish along with a drink and an Iftar platter consisting of dates, figs, spring rolls, chicken wings, fruit salad and fried potato bite. We ordered Char-Grilled Tahini Chicken Platter which is basically chicken chunks served with herby flatbread, hummus and salad with yogurt dressing.

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Mocca Iftar review Islamabad Scene

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The appearance of the dish with colourful salad, chicken chunks in the middle perfectly placed with bread and hummus on sides was extremely appetizing! The chicken was cut in thin pieces and tasted delicious. The bread was the perfect combination of soft and crispy which I loved. The hummus was delectable (I’m a hummus lover). The salad was colourful and plentiful (I just wish there were more olives).

The wholesome Iftar and dinner combo offers a healthy and delicious meal of good quantity at a price of Rs1150+tax.
Desserts: The macaroons were perfectly crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle. But the carrot cake was heavenly! Fresh, incredibly light and slightly crumbly. Who can resist a slice of moist, frosting-topped carrot cake with a warming cuppa? This cake is a must try!

Coffee: We finished off our meal with warm and delicious cup of Swiss Chocolate latte perfectly executed latte art! That coffee felt like cherry on the cake.

Overall, Mocca Iftar deals offers delightful Iftar feast and good food with virtuous quantity. The service was amazingly good and the ambiance was pleasant but quiet. Go check it out before Ramadan is over.

Presentation: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10

Taste: 7/10

Service: 8/10

Ambiance: 9/10

Where: Mocca

Sana Jamal
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