NUST students help renovate Islamabad Model College for Boys

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Dozens of young NUST Community Service Club students volunteered several days to paint and renovate Islamabad Model College for Boys H-11 which was in a wretched condition before

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Students of Islamabad Model College for Boys H-11 will now study with a positive attitude at a newly decorated campus, all thanks to NUST students.

Dozens of young students of NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) volunteered several days to paint and renovate Islamabad Model College for Boys located in the police lines, H-11 sector of Islamabad to bring hope and encouragement to the students.

The team of 30 students accompanied by 50 workers lead by Asim Saeed while Director Administration Brigadier Arif Siddique and Deputy Director Administration Major Zubair supervised the activities.

NCSC students split into teams and each one was assigned specific tasks. One of the groups painted the walls and the ceiling while simultaneously the professional workers began their work repairing the window panes, electrical wirings and installing fans for the students comfort.

Another group of volunteers set out to prune the trees, clearing the landscape and uprooting dead tree trunks.

Some students joined the workers as they lifted up the walls and plastered them while a group of girls painted the furniture after it was devotedly repaired by the carpenter.

Sanitary facilities of the school were restored and roofs were installed on the washrooms which were in poor condition earlier.

The school ground was leveled off for the children to play in and enjoy some leisure time along with studies.

But the renovation of the school entrance has the biggest impact. The entrance area was cleaned and painted to welcome students and parents.

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School entrance Before and After Renovation

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“These little drops in the water not only helps our conscience as individuals and as a team but does wonders in other underprivileged people’s lives” one student said.

The very last yet most integral part, the School Board, was finally repainted to be put outside the school and encourage students to come to school regularly and joyfully.

“With the little effort we can change the world, step by step, stone by stone and hand in hand” the students believe.

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NUST Community Service Club students help renovate Islamabad Model College for Boys H-11
NUST students painting desks of the school.

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NUST Community Service Club (NCSC), earlier known as NUST Volunteer club (NVC), was founded in December 2007 by Dr. Ijaz Ahmed Qureshi (Ex. Assistant Professor, Department of Computing-SEECS). NCSC is non-profit, student-run, Volunteer Organization established for the welfare of the Society. This Student Community Service has come a long way since 2007 expanded the horizon of work from just Academics to volunteer work of every kind and kin and in every school of NUST.

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Before Renovation Photos

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After Renovation Photos

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