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Over a million cell phones manufactured in Pakistan in Jan-Feb 2021

Currently, 33 units are manufacturing phones in Pakistan with some producing smartphones in the country as well

Over a million cell phones have been manufactured in Pakistan during the first two months of the year 2021, PTA revealed in a statement. The authority said that there are 33 cell phone manufacturing units in Pakistan at the moment which produced over two million smartphones during 2020.

PTA believes that the implementation of PTA’s Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System (DIRBS) in 2019 not only boosted the legal imports of cellular devices but also helped the local manufacturers’ cause by stopping illegal imports. PTA expects that greater production of smartphones will take place locally in times to come.

“These plants have produced over 25 million mobile devices including 4G smartphones after the introduction of DIRBS,” the statement read. “Following successful execution of the system, the local assembly segment evolved from infancy to maturity stage with a significant growth in local assembly of smartphones.”

It is crucial that Pakistan can develop its own manufacturing of cell phones as a lot of foreign exchange can be saved every year. In recent times, some of the larger international cellular manufacturers have shown interest in setting up plants in Pakistan. Such a situation will help the country to also boost its exports in the sector.

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