Pakistan is the ideal tourists’ destination, Zulfi Bukhari tells global tourism summit

Pakistan expects a significant investment from overseas in its tourism scene, generating greater economic activity  

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for Tourism and Overseas Pakistanis Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari addressed the hybrid Recovery Summit of the Global Tourism Forum online from Islamabad. The event was scheduled to take place in Pakistan but was delayed due to the novel coronavirus. The forum could help bring in several billion dollars in direct investments into Pakistan’s tourism industry and add nine to ten billion dollars in overall economic activities.

Bukhari called Pakistan a paradise for tourists with lots of destinations available. He added that the year 2021 would be the year of booming tourism in Pakistan, and 2019 had remained the safest in terms of security.  This year a record number of local tourists have visited Pakistan. In Sh Allah next year, a record number of international tourists worldwide will come to Pakistan and enjoy the attractive tourist destinations here. 

Speaking on the Global Tourism Conference’s sidelines in Istanbul via video link, Zulfi Bukhari said that the country is safe for tourism and visa processing is being facilitated to help tourists visiting the country.  He said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has a personal interest in uplifting tourism in the country and has keen interest in uplifting these destinations.

The Special Assistant said that British Airways resumed its flight operations to Pakistan with Virgin and other airlines following suit. He added that the airlines were impressed by the peaceful conditions of the country.

Bukhari highlighted that domestic and international investment in the tourism sector increased significantly recently, with 25 to 30 new hotels being constructed despite the coronavirus. International bloggers and tourists visiting Pakistan are very satisfied and have been sprawling in the last few years. Special attention is paid to ensuring that the travel for the tourists’ lodging is facilitated in the country.

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