Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Pakistan PM launches electronic passport facility

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched Electronic Passport Facility in Islamabad today, in what would be the biggest up-gradation of Pakistani travel documents since 2004.

The e-passport facility launched today is equipped with the latest biometric chip encompassing several security features, according to Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed. Twenty-nine latest new security features have been added to it and the e-passport holder would take benefit of the e-gate facility at all airports around the world.

The electronic passport would be initially issued to diplomatic and government officials only, said the Interior Minister. Upon successful testing, the e-passport will be issued to other Pakistani travelers as well.

The electronic passport has been built in accordance with international standards and it will help Pakistani citizens in timely and trouble-free immigration of when traveling out of Pakistan. The counterfeit of e-passports is impossible because of the use of up-to-date technology.

After launching the e-passport, the premier addressed the inauguration ceremony. While speaking at the occasion, the PM primarily talked about the threat letter comprising of the foreign conspiracy against the incumbent PTI government saying that since various sections in the country are raising fingers at the letter, he has decided to reveal the confidential documents.

“It is far bigger conspiracy against Pakistan as it is evident in the letter,” said the Prime Minister, “It is not a drama,” said Imran Khan. “We want to protect the interests of Pakistan and will not divulge the details in public,” he added.

He maintained that tabling the no-confidence motion was a democratic move but added that conspiracy against the incumbent government is “foreign imported”.

While taking the decision, people should be aware of the fact that, directly or indirectly, they might not fall prey to the international conspiracy, he cautioned.

What is an e-passport?

An e-passport is a highly secure travel document with an embedded microchip containing biometric information about the holder. With the launch of the service, Pakistan has become one of the many countries to have an e-passport system, boosting security and smooth international travel.

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