Pakistan set to open historic Nandana Fort for tourists

Conservation of heritage sites can help Pakistan appear on the world’s map, PM Khan says

Pakistan has announced a massive conservation project to protect and preserve the historic Nandana Fort – one of the significant archeological assets of Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the government is taking all measures to promote tourism and generate employment opportunities in Pakistan. He said that Pakistan has abundant natural resources including sea, high mountains, salt ranges, and historical sites. He was visiting District Jhelum to inaugurate the heritage trail at the Al Biruni point (Baghan Wala Village) at the Nandana Fort.  

“Preservation and protection of our historical sites and national heritage is essential for our coming generations,” Khan said. He lamented the fact that not much was done to uncover such historical sites. He mentioned that even Mohenjodaro and Harrappa were unearthed by the British, which are major discoveries of the Indus Valley Civilization.

Imran said development of heritage trail in the area, which was used by Abu Rehan Al-Biruni for quantification of earth’s circumference in 11th century for the first time, would help develop area and bring it on the world’s map as a tourist and historical site.

“The amazing thing is that today the world still accepts the accuracy with which that result was found out by Al-Bairuni after staying all those years there about 10 centuries ago.”

The perfect place for history buffs

Pakistan is full of history and there are many archeological sites that have been unearthed and need further work. From the Buddhas to Harappa to Mohenjodaro and so many other places. With proper development and facilitation, people from around the globe will be visiting Pakistan. It can help the local economies as well as further promote Pakistan’s true image around the globe.

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