Pakistan strengthens air defense with J-10C fighter jets and new unmanned aerial systems

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) welcomed a new batch of J-10C fighter jets into its fleet on January 2, to strengthen its aerial defense capabilities and ensure readiness against emerging challenges.

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Syed Asim Munir attended the induction ceremony, held at an operational base of the air force, as the chief guest.

Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu, received COAS Munir upon his arrival.

The ceremony was arranged to showcase the cutting-edge weapon systems and defense assets recently incorporated into the PAF.

The air chief provided insights into the recent inductions, emphasizing the diversity of the PAF’s enhanced arsenal. This includes not only J-10C fighter jets but also air mobility platforms, modern radars, unmanned aerial systems, loitering munition capabilities, and long-range vectors. These advancements significantly bolster the aerial defense capabilities of Pakistan.

Speaking at the occasion, COAS Asim Munir commended the operational preparedness of the PAF, acknowledging their commitment to incorporating state-of-the-art weapon systems. He highlighted the significance of these additions in maintaining a balance of power in the region.

The COAS also pointed out key developments such as the establishment of the Center of Excellence for Air Mobility & Aviation Safety, the College of Air Defense, and the operationalization of the National Aerospace Science and Technology Park. These initiatives position the PAF to stay abreast of evolving challenges, with a focus on cyber and space technologies.

Highlighting the importance of indigenization and human resource development, COAS endorsed PAF’s commitment to technological advancements and operational excellence. He reassured that the Armed Forces of Pakistan are fully prepared to thwart any aggression. Additionally, he applauded the PAF’s efforts in transporting relief goods for the victims of the Gaza conflict.

Following the ceremony, a captivating air show unfolded, featuring various PAF fighter jets, training aircraft, and UAVs. The chief guest and attendees were treated to a static display, showcasing the diverse PAF fighter, air mobility, and UAV fleet.

The event marked a milestone in Pakistan’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its defense capabilities and ensure readiness against emerging challenges.

Pakistan air defense systems
Pakistan’s Air chief and Army chief during the induction ceremony of new jets and air defense systems on January 2, 2024. (Image Credit: PAF)

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