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Pakistan women cricket captain nailing both cricket and motherhood

Bismah Maroof, Pakistan women’s national cricket team captain left the public in awe after her photograph emerged on the internet in which she was seen arriving for the ICC Women’s World Cup with her few-month-old baby in her arms.

The social media caught the first glimpse of little Fatimah – Maroofs baby daughter – after the captain arrived at Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand accompanied by her team prior to their match against India.

ICC’s official handle uploaded Bismah Maroof’s picture with her little baby in her arms prior to the match against India with the caption: “Pakistan captain Bismah Maroof ready to face India”

The photograph shows her heading for the match with a baby in her arms, amidst cricket kits, bags, and a baby cradle which was highly appreciated by the netizens and regarded as a symbol of women power corresponding to which her fans couldn’t keep calm.

“A very powerful statement of how a hand that rocks the cradle can rule the world,” a user commented.

Since the picture was shared by ICC Cricket World Cup on Sunday at 6:20 am, the picture has amassed more than 5000 likes till now.

Post-match Video:

Later on, a post-match video, uploaded by ICC, also went viral showing Indian women cricket players playing with Mahroof’s baby while Mahroof taps baby on her shoulder. Indian players, surrounding the baby girl, can be seen trying to make her laugh in the video.

For a few moments, the captain’s daughter seemed to have brought both teams together while the conventional rivalries (and political animosities) were put aside. This wholesome bonding moment between Pakistan and India didn’t go unnoticed on the internet.


People on the internet lauded how the moment enhanced Maroof’s legacy as an athlete resolute to thrive as a mother as well without having to choose one job over the other — a strong inspiration for all other women around the globe.

“Bismah Maroof’s legacy will go far beyond her achievements on the field. In a society that often tells women to make choices between career and family, she’s showing that you can have both! Such an inspiring person” read a tweet.

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