Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Pakistani health startup Sehat Kahani listed in Forbes top 100 companies to watch

Pakistani telemedicine company, SehatKahani made its way to Forbes’ 100 Companies to Watch list which consists of some of the best-performing companies across the Asian-Pacific region.

The women-led organization, founded by Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram in 2017, is the only Pakistani startup that made it to Forbes’ 100 to Watch in Asia this year.

SehatKahani has worked hard over the last few years with the mission to connect patients living in far-flung areas to excellent doctors through a mobile application, thus making sure that each and every person gets the healthcare facility they deserve.

It has been very successful in achieving its objectives as the startup has served over 1.2 million medical consultations until now, ever since its creation.

The startup is backed by various key investors including Elahi Group, 10Pearls Ventures, and the Islamic Development Bank etc.

About Forbes’ 100 to Watchlist

The Forbes list had a great focus on biotechnology and healthcare, thus explaining the purpose and significance of SehatKahani and why it is on the top of the list.

Brief information is provided about every startup present on the list which explains the working of those companies as well as their individual performances through the last one or two years of the COVID pandemic.

It included startups from a total of 15 Asian Pacific countries, across 11 categories such as; healthcare, biotechnology, e-commerce, finance, and retail, while, Singapore, the currently rising business hub, had the most number of companies on the list.

Rules to Qualify for the List

To qualify for the Forbes list, a company has to fulfill the following requirements:

  • The company must be privately owned
  • Should operate on a profit basis
  • Should earn more than $50 million in yearly revenue
  • Should function on funding that’s less than $100 million dollars.

Once qualified, the enterprise is then judged and competed on many metrics such as business models, revenue growth, ability to attract funding, regional impact and finally a compelling story.

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