Wednesday, September 28, 2022

New mobile phone taxes announced by FBR

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the tax collection authority of Pakistan, has set additional import charges and regulatory tariffs on mobile phones, according to local media reports.

An internal document, obtained by the news agencies, provides a detailed explanation of how the import taxes are distributed among different ranges of mobile devices. These latest figures are slightly different from the previous stats, as the media groups had cited them from a different source.

As per the document, the different types of import taxes that apply to smartphones include mobile levy, regulatory duty, withholding tax and sales tax. How it compares to mobile phones of different monetary values (USD) is given below:

• Up to $30: RD (Rs. 300), ST (Rs. 200), WHT (Rs. 100) ML (Rs. 100)
• $30 to $100: RD (Rs. 3,000), ST (Rs. 200), WHT (Rs. 100), ML (Rs. 200)
• $100 to $200: RD (Rs. 7,500), ST (Rs. 1,680), WHT (Rs. 930), ML (Rs. 600)
• $200 to $350: RD (Rs. 11,000), ST (17% of base USD value), WHT (Rs. 970), ML (Rs. 1,800)
• $350 to $500: RD (Rs. 15,000), ST (17% of base USD value), WHT (Rs. 5,000), ML (Rs. 4,000)
• $500 to $700: RD (Rs. 22,000), ST (17% of base USD value), WHT (Rs. 11,500), ML (Rs. 8,000)
• Above $700: RD (Rs. 22,000), ST (17% of base USD value), WHT (Rs. 11,500), ML (Rs. 16,000)

Regulatory Duty = RD, Sales Tax = ST, Withholding Tax = WHT and Mobile Levy = ML

Moreover, the document states that the customs duty is zero percent on all imports falling under the baggage category and are free from WHT. This means that although custom duties and WHT won’t be applied on mobile devices brought in for personal use, they will be assessed if they are imported for sale purpose.

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