Pakistanis explore Denmark’s Culture and Creativity

The red and white coloured decorations, festive mood and food, and especially the iconic windmill replica, delighted the guests and gave them a real feel of Denmark – oldest of the Nordic countries, best known as world wind energy leader, creators of Lego toys and makers of finest cheese in the world. [dt_gap height=”10″ /]

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The first ever mega cultural event, ‘Creative Denmark’, hosted by the Embassy of Denmark in Islamabad, offered Pakistanis a good chance to explore Danish creativity in the form of delicious food, spiritual rock music and display of Danish companies and products, particularly popular Lego toys.

The event attracted a good number of people who enjoyed the colours and creativeness of Danish. Guests savored delicious meals including Danish meatballs, pastries and cheese from ‘Det lille land’, the little land, all prepared by Danish chefs. [dt_gap height=”10″ /]


The guest also enjoyed great music played by the Danish-Pakistani fusion band, Rocqawali – a mix of Rock n Roll band and classical Quawali sound that explores the eastern Qawali music and classic western rock sound. What initially began as a cultural collaboration between Pakistan and Denmark, has now turned into a powerhouse of a spiritual rock band, to spread the Sufi message of ‘Love across all religious, political and physical borders’. The band comprising of Pakistani Sufi singer, Ejaz Sher Ali, is a realistis example of Pakistan and Denmark’s friendship.

Danish Ambassador Jesper Moller Sorensen and the embassy staff were in red polo shirts, with ‘Creative Denmark’ printed in white, portraying the colours of the Danish flag. The event intended to create a better understanding of Denmark and the Danes, its culture, creativity and products in Pakistan. “Culture is a bond that makes people understand one another better. If they understand one another better, it is easier to overcome the personal, economic and political barriers. I am convinced that creative activities and culture help promote peace and harmony” said the Danish Ambassador.

“Creative Denmark is also about communicating, sharing and understanding each other’s values and perspectives with respect,” he said.

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The event also introduced trade and development partners of Denmark in Pakistan, and some major Danish companies in Pakistan also had their mini-stalls at the event, such as ‘Maersk Line’, the Danish shipping line which is one of the world’s biggest container ships. One of the attractive and everyone’s favourite stand was of the Danish ‘Lego’ toys. [dt_gap height=”10″ /]

Since Denmark’s natural resources are limited, the Danes have become prosperous mainly through business, shipping and advanced manufacturing industry. A six-member trade delegation from Denmark also joined in and mingled with the guests, guided by Assar Qureshi, the commercial attaché, a Danish diplomat with a Pakistani name and tradition.

Danish Ambassador Sorensen anticipates that there is potential for expansion of trade and other cooperation between Denmark and Pakistan.

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