Pakistanis pay tribute to Edhi Sahab on his 4th death anniversary

Edhi Sahab’s children are now taking his mission forward

Today is the fourth death anniversary of known humanitarian and philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi. Known as the richest poor man, Edhi Sahab is one of the most prominent names in the world of social work. He ran the world’s largest network of ambulances and had several orphanages and shelters under his foundation.

Born in 1928, Edhi Sahab led a very simple life. He started his social work in 1950s and it continues to date. His foundation is now being run by his children. His son Faisal Edhi recently tested positive for COViD-19 after indulging into relief efforts. Since regaining health, he has been active in helping othesr.

The main source of funding for the Edhi Foundation is charity. People not just from Pakistan but from around the globe make donations to his cause.

Selfless devotion

Edhi Sahab’s work is not just limited to Pakistan. He has been on the frontlines to help the people in several wars, even in his advanced years and diabetes. His name is in the Guinness Book of World Records for not taking a day for about six decades. A number of international awards were bestowed upon him during his lifetime. His name was forwarded for the Nobel Peace Prize but he was never formally nominated.

Celebrities and politicians pay tribute

Many citizens of the country, including some well-known names paid their tributes to the late humanitarian on the occasion. He is gone but surely not forgotten.

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