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Pakistan’s first indigenous electric car NUR-E 75 unveiled on Independence Day

Pakistan’s first locally-produced electric car prototype, dubbed NUR-E 75, was unveiled in Karachi on Sunday, Aug. 14 – the country’s 75th Independence Day.

The electric hatchback is currently in its prototype stage and will soon hit the production line. The prototype was designed and developed by the Distinguished Innovation, Collaboration & Entrepreneurship (DICE) Foundation, in collaboration with different universities in Pakistan and the private sector.

All the components of the hatchback have been prepared locally.

  • Its design has been created by the National College of Arts (NCA).
  • Its battery pack, equipped with advanced features, has been developed at the NED University of Engineering and Technology.
  • The chargers for these vehicles are being developed by the Sir Syed University of Engineering.

Specifications of Nur-E 75

While it is only the prototype of the electric vehicle to be produced indigenously in Pakistan and nothing is concrete yet, the basic specifications and highlighting features of the electric hatchback are listed below:

  • 5 Seater, 5 Door Hatchback
  • Peak Power: 107 hp (80 KW)
  • Peak Torque: 200 Nm
  • Range: 210 km+ with AC on (actual range still to be tested)
  • Battery size: 35 KwHr
  • Wheel/Tire Size – R16 205 / 55
  • Charging time
  • Charging time slow charging – 7 to 8 Hours (from regular 220V outlet)
  • Charging time fast charging – 2 Hours (from fast DC chargers, still to be tested)

These features were shared by JaXari at the revealing event on Sunday. The booking for the car will be opened to the public in late 2024, and is also likely to be exported.

Nur E-75
Pakistan’s electric vehicle Nur-E75 launched on the country’s 75th Independence Day. (Image Credit – DICE Foundation)

According to Dr Khurshid Qureshi, founder and chairman of DICE Foundation, the car’s production has three phases: The first was industrial design, production and launch while in the second production would be expanded to Sedan and SUV, small commercial trucks and EV platform export and in the third the cars would be exported.

He said production began in 2019, adding that the fully functional prototype, EV NUR-E 75, is ready for testing and regulatory approval, while work on the design of a rolling platform to be used for various vehicle segments is underway.

Dr Qureshi said the car would save a lot of fuel, and help combat climate change and sustain economic prosperity. He pointed out that the car, presented as a gift to Pakistan on its diamond jubilee, would play a phenomenal role in the context of the environment and climate change, and help us move away from non-renewable fuel consumption.

Explaining the name of the hatchback, it was revealed that the name is Nur-E which is named after the Arabic word Noor, meaning light. The company that created the prototype of the car is named JaXari after the name of a Muslim scientist from the 12th century, Ismael Al-Jazari.

DICE Foundation is a US-based non-profit organization run by expatriate Pakistanis from the US, the EU and other parts of the world, aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship culture in the country at all levels. Founded in 2007, the organization’s areas of focus are automotive, health, agriculture, energy, creative art and textile. It has been working in Pakistan for the past 15 years promoting innovation, building capability and converting brain drain into brain gain.

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