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Participants explore creativity at Art Therapy Workshop in Islamabad

Atomcamp, a social enterprise, and continuous learning platform organized a two-day art therapy workshop at National Skills University in Islamabad.

Atomcamp collaborated with NCA artists to organize the workshop “filled with joy, colors, creativity, and enthusiasm”. The purpose of conducting art therapy workshops is to spread awareness among the masses about art could play a key role in overcoming negative emotions, healing traumas, nurturing self-esteem, boosting confidence, and dealing with emotional conflicts.

The two-day art therapy workshop held at National Skills University had themed art activities on both days.

Day 1: Self-expression through color psychology

The first day of the workshop included two activities: a) Self-expression through color psychology, and b) Group mural activity. For the first activity, the participants were given canvases to share their emotions such as fear, desires, and joy through colors. For the group mural activity, the participants were asked to draw the island on the canvas and connect their stories of the island with other participants.

Day 2: Clay therapy

The theme for the second day of the workshop was clay therapy. Clay and other tools were given to the participants of the workshop and were asked to create their own art pieces and express themselves through clay. The purpose of clay therapy activity was to promote creativity, boost socialization, cure trauma, and curb negative moods and anxiety.

Participants explore creativity

Children, families, and students from all walks of life participated in the workshop and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity. Here are some reviews of participants who attended the workshops.

“After attending these 2-day art therapy workshops for the first time, I am so glad that I attended and it helped me a lot in expressing myself and showing my own creativity. Workshops like these should be held monthly,” said Sobia Zahid, a housewife.

One of the students Syeda Noor Zahra from Azad Jammu and Kashmir shared that she came all the way from Peshawar to attend the workshop. “I must say that I made the right decision in attending this workshop. To see how art therapy can heal traumas and express yourself was such an amazing experience for me. Art therapy enabled me to express myself, boost creativity, and heal my traumas by playing with colors and working with clay.

Another student Talha who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree at QAU commented that the “art therapy workshop was a delight and was an experience I will relish for a long time.It allowed me to find time to explore my emotions and face them. We had a fantastic time with the paints and clay.

Neeli Ahmed a visual artist who was involved in putting together the art therapy in collaboration with Atomcamp felt encouraged after seeing the positive response from the participants and she vowed to continue to spread awareness about art therapy and its role in healing trauma, boosting creativity, and expressing oneself.

Noor Fatima, an art curator at PNCA and one of the instructors said “I’m so glad to be a part of this workshop and connecting with the participants and hearing their stories were amazing. I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the participants during this two-day workshop.”

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