Islamabad citizens call for boycotting this famous café over disrespectful owners

The owners of Cannoli by Café Soul are seen disrespecting a manager over his English skills  

The Indo-Pak subcontinent was under complete British control for a period of 90 years but it appears that after nearly 74 years of independence from the colonial masters, some rich and famous refuse to shed their chains.

The elitist attitude is firmly in place and people with resources are suffering from an inferiority complex. A recent incident that took place in Islamabad’s famous Cannoli by Café Soul shows how the rich may still be mental slaves to their former colonial masters.  

The establishment’s manager was introduced on video by its two owners as someone who has been with the organization for nine years. The duo then asked him about classes he has taken to improve his English language skills. The manager explained that he has undertaken multiple courses. The manager is then forced to speak in English by one of the owners, where he struggles. The owners lament the fact that despite of spending money on English lessons, nothing could be achieved.   

Such a shambolic attitude is wrong at some many levels. To begin with, we live Pakistan and no matter how gora we want to be, the common man’s language remains Urdu. Being able to speak good English is nothing more than an added advantage.

However, making fun of a loyal employee who has stuck with the organization for nearly a decade is shameful. The hospitality industry is unforgiving and tiring and loyal employees are always valued, not belittled in public. Even if such a problem has effects on the person’s performance, such matters are discussed behind closed doors, not on video that is shared on the internet.  

Calls for boycott

Many people are calling for boycotting the establishment for this preposterous attitude at the end of the owners.

Manager hailed as hero

Some citizens supported up the cafe manager for putting up with disrespectful owner:

Some call for empathy with employees

Some people have called for avoiding boycotts as eventually the employees of the establishment will suffer. Some also empathized with the manager who has been putting up with these two owners and may suffer further flack because of the now-viral video.

The original video was shared by this account:

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