President, PM call for Kashmir’s issue resolution in Pakistan Day messages

Both leaders urged the nation to stand united against the current COVID-19 pandemic and emerge as victors

In his message on the occasion of Pakistan Day, President Dr. Arif Alvi called for greater harmony in the nation. He emphasized that we must make the society more humane and inclusive and stick to the democratic norms and rule of law.

“On this historic day, we vow to continue our struggle to make our society humane, inclusive and tolerant to the minorities residing in Pakistan. We also pledge to uphold democratic values, rule of law and the Islamic way of life in our country as envisioned by our founding fathers,” the president said.

The Prsident also restated Pakistan’s support for the people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and their right for self-determination. Millions of Kashmiris under BJP’s rule are living under a practical house arrest and are deprived of basic necessities of life. Alvi also urged the international community to raise their voice for the people of the occupied valley.   

“We pledge our commitment to continue to support the Kashmiris in their just struggle for their right to self-determination,” he vowed.

PM pays tribute to Quaid-e-Azam

In his message on the special occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan called 23rd March, 1940 a major event that led to the creation of Pakistan.

“Today, we pay tribute to the Father of the Nation and all the leaders of the Independence Movement who united Muslims of British India and struggled for creation of a free and independent Muslim State. The struggle culminated in the emergence of Pakistan on the map of the world on 14th August, 1947,” he added.

He also urged the nation to stand united in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic. He expressed hope that by the grace of the Almighty, the nation will pass through this tough phase as well.

“Our great nation has successfully overcome challenges of immense magnitude in past through unity and resilience. Today, we need to remain strong to face the pandemic that has engulfed the entire World. InshaAllah, we will succeed in these testing times,” the Prime Minister maintained.

Khan also spoke about the oppression faced by the people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir under the Indian forces and the Ultra-Right-Wing Hindu-nationalist BJP regime. “We salute their courage and will continue to support them morally, politically, and diplomatically for the realization of their right to self-determination under relevant UNSC Resolutions,” Khan added.

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