Rich colours and energy depict women in Artwork of Nahid Raza

Lively colours mixed with strong emotions in the paintings of Nahid Raza depicted strong woman and conveyed the message to respect and value women.

The artist, Nahid Raza greeted the guests with a gentle smile at the inaugural ceremony of her painting exhibition here at Tanzara art gallery. “My paintings show strong women, who fulfill all their responsibilities.” said the artist.
Upon entering the gallery, one is bound to get mesmerized by the resounding energy from the multi-colored art pieces of Nahid Raza, a veteran artist with more than 4 decades of experience.

“Her (Nahid’s) rich colour palette and varied surface textures help create brilliant effects, making the paintings aesthetically pleasing” said Noshi, the curator of the art gallery.

The exhibition included 33 paintings depicting different facets of women. The artist has used acrylic on canvas to display marvelous artwork. The leading contents in the paintings were faces of women which seemed to be sway the onlookers into a fantasy world.
Some of the marvelous work by the artist was presented in the themes of ‘Hidden faces’, ‘Symbols of love’, ‘Alone’ and ‘Generations’. “The theme ‘Buraq’ with the head of a woman and body of a mare (female horse) depicts the element of spirituality in woman” said the artist.
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“I try to dispel sorrows, using light, bright paint to throw away sad thoughts. Particularly in this current exhibition, colours overlap, just as in life sorrow overlaps happiness, and in the process often decorative elements enter the work” Nahid said explaining the nature of paintings on display at the exhibition.

Rich vermilion highlighted with lustrous gold, creamy yellows, blues and ochre darkening into earth shades. “I feel I must show the important colour aspect of a women’s life, it surrounds her like an aura. Though her own life may lack luster, she gives colour and sustenance to all around her” Nahid said.

Noshi Qadir, curator of the gallery said “Nahid Raza’s recent body of work has a strong identity and transcends boundaries. Her bold and adventurous style stems from the experiences of a woman struggling to define her space and identity, guided by her belief in the invincibility of the female spirit.”

According to Said Marjorie Hussain, an art critic, perhaps Nahid’s philosophy could be best summed up in the title of a painting of a recumbent figure – “I’m not sleeping – Even in dreams.” Fauzia Zia, a visitor commented “I especially like the colour composition in Nahid’s paintings.”

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