South Asia’s longest Zipline opens in Kaghan Valley of Pakistan

In a thrilling development for adventure enthusiasts, South Asia’s longest zipline has been launched in the scenic Kaghan Valley of Pakistan, stretching an impressive distance of 7,521 feet. The zipline stands at a towering height of 1,250 feet, making it the world’s tallest zipline, according to the Zipline Adventure Company of the Balakot project.

Located in Noori Valley Bhunja, the inauguration of the zipline took place on Saturday, May 27, with the district administration leading the event.

Muhammad Ali Swati, the CEO of the Zipline Adventure Company, clarified that their claim of having the highest zipline in the world refers to the height above ground level, not sea level.

“People tell me that the highest zip line in the world is in France. The point is correct but this height is above sea level. While our height is above ground level. Some people said that the highest zip line in the world is in Alaska, to which my answer is yes but their height is only 1150 feet while our zip line is 1250 feet. Therefore, this honor should now be given to Pakistan,” he said.

Kaghan Zipline facts

  • Distance: 7,521 feet
  • Height: 1,250 feet
  • Location: Noori Valley Kaghan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The project’s owner, Muhammad Ali Swati, was inspired to venture into this field after witnessing ziplines and amusement parks during a trip to Dubai five years ago. When asked about safety precautions, he explained that a net would not be installed underneath the zipline due to the high costs and limited effectiveness in saving lives during accidents. Instead, the weight limit has been increased to ensure safety.

Zipline charges:

  • Adults – Rs 5000      
  • Kids – Rs 4000
  • Ziplining on your belly – Rs 6000

The Kaghan Development Authority (KDA) Director, Aminul Hasan, emphasized the importance of safety measures and stated that the zipline is currently partially operational while they work on implementing additional safety features, including a net beneath the zipline.

The KDA took three years to approve the project, considering safety from every angle to prevent accidents and protect tourists.

Deputy Commissioner Mansehra, Captain Bilal Shahid Rao, inaugurated the zipline and expressed his support for private sector investments to enhance entertainment and amenities for the public.

“Under the same thought and spirit, we also collaborated with the company that opened the Balakot Zipline,” he underlined.

Tourists who have experienced the zipline have praised the thrilling adventure it offers and expressed satisfaction with the addition to Kaghan Valley’s tourism sector.

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