This is how Pakistan reacted to power breakdown with memes

Here’s a look at how the internet reacted to Pakistan’s massive power breakdown in memes

On January 10, Pakistan experienced one of the worst power breakdowns that plunged most of the country into darkness. But during the chaotic few hours, Pakistanis turned the scary situation into a hilarious one with tons of memes serving as comic relief.

Social media was full of people expressing their opinions on the chaos with amusing memes and jokes. 

Here’s a look at some of the top memes that sum up Pakistan’s massive blackout:

1. Pakistanis during blackout:

2. What the hell just happened here?

3. Martial law lag gaya hai

4. Will you please listen??

5. Night mode on?

6. This legit reply to Zaid Hamid

7. The one with the UPS

8. Aap ne ghabrana nahi hai

9. I am groot moment

10. When the light comes back on

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