Unvaccinated Pakistanis to face COVID-19 curbs effective Oct. 1

The National Command and Operation Centre, on Thursday, announced new restrictions for non-vaccinated people, which will be applicable from October 1st (today).

Covid-19 Curbs for non-vaccinated citizens:

According to NCOC, the general public who still has not gotten vaccinated will face new restrictions at many levels especially in traveling, both inbound and outbound. According to the latest Covid-19 curbs announced by the NCOC:

  • Domestic and international air travel will be allowed to fully vaccinated people only and restriction will be both for inbound and outbound travelers.
  • To avail public commute i.e. buses and trains, citizens ought to be fully vaccinated by 15th October.
  • Only fully vaccinated people will be allowed to enter and work in shopping malls.
  • Only fully vaccinated people will be allowed to stay in transportation business of students and schools-related supplies.
  • After October 15, only fully vaccinated people will be allowed to travel using motorways and highways across the country.
  • From today, 1st October, domestic air travel within Pakistan will only be allowed to fully vaccinated passengers of age 18 and above.

Guidelines issued by the Civil Aviation Authority:

Civil Aviation Authority also updated its Covid-19 vaccination guidelines on air travel to and from and within Pakistan. As per new guidelines:

  • Unvaccinated Pakistani people between 15 and 18 years of age would be allowed domestic air travel up to November 1.
  • Partial vaccination requirement would apply to non-vaccinated travelers from November 1
  • Full vaccination requirement applicable from December 1.
  • Passengers with age less than 15 years would be allowed domestic air travel without vaccination requirement.
  • Foreigner  travelers less than 18 years of age will be allowed travel within Pakistan without vaccination requirement
  • Passengers medically advised against Covid-19 vaccination and holding a certificate from a classified specialist doctor will also be allowed to travel on domestic flights without vaccination certificate
  • Foreigners who have travelled to Pakistan before October 1 will be allowed to continue their domestic air travel without vaccination certificate.

Recent Stats of Vaccination in Pakistan:

Following are the latest stats of vaccine administration in Pakistan:

  • In the past 24 hours 975,361 vaccine jabs were administered to the people
  • Total number of vaccinated citizens is 80,508,569
  • Out of the total vaccinated population, 27,405,873 people have received double doses and;
  • 58,405,873 people have received single dose of the vaccine

Latest Stats on Corona virus situation in Pakistan:

According to the updated stats of covid-19 shared by NCOC on Thursday:

  • 1742 new Corona cases were reported in a single day
  • 39 new deaths were caused by the disease
  • Total number of deaths till now increased to 27,729
  • There are 47832 reported active cases in the country

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