Use of drones, sale of toy guns banned in Islamabad

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Use of drones, sale of toy guns, pillion-riding banned in Islamabad from Sept 27 to Oct 1 for Muharram

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The Islamabad Capital Territory Administration has banned a number of activities including the selling of toy guns, pillion riding and the use of drones as part of security measures for the month of Muharram.

The ban will come into effect from September 27 and end on October 1 or Muharram 6 to Muharram 10, according to an order issued by a district magistrate on Thursday.

“Certain pillion riders are likely to resort to violence and acts of sabotage aimed at disrupting peace and tranquility causing damage to public life and property during Muharram-ul-Harram,” it read.

The authorities have also banned the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) including drone cameras, terming them a security threat.

“These UAVs can be used by miscreants to conduct terrorist acts in areas that have been secured and safeguarded against ground attacks. Any possible terrorist attack would jeopardize the security of the processions and religious gatherings like ongoing Muharram and Safar Majalis/Processions besides posing threat to residents of ICT,” the magistrate’s order said.

The use of UAVs by the law-enforcement agencies, however, is exempted from the ban, which will be effective for two months.

The district magistrate has also imposed a ban on the sale of toy guns in Islamabad on the recommendation of the police.

The selling of toy guns has been prohibited for two months after complaints were lodged with the police by various stakeholders including parliamentarians that toy guns look like real guns and cause fear.

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