103-year-old Pakistani man survives COVID-19

Aziz Abdul Alim, a resident of Chitral, was diagnosed with the virus a month ago  

A 103-year-old man has recovered from COVID-19 in Pakistan to become one of the oldest survivors of the disease in the world.

Aziz Abdul Alim, a resident of Booni in Chitral, was discharged from the hospital recently after being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus earlier in the month.

Abdul Alim is one of the oldest people in the world to survive the virus and his recovery may offer scientists some clues as to how they can help older people fight the virus.  

Abdul Alim was a carpenter until his seventies. He’s been married multiple times and three of his wives and nine of his children have passed away. His son Ahmed, who is in his 50s, said that after the diagnosis, the family was worried about Abdul Alim’s health due to his advanced age. He, however, wasn’t worried about it and recovered from the virus.

Healthy Lifestyles

Chitral valley is located in the mountainous region of Hindukush. People prefer to walk as their means of local travel. With the constant mountain climbing, the Chitrali people are physically very fit.

They also indulge in healthy diets that are rich in nutrition. Local apricot is used in a lot of dishes and unhealthy fats are avoided. With a clean atmosphere and raw nature, it is an ideal place for health and longevity. Many people in the region live to 100 years and beyond.

COVID showing a downward trend in Pakistan

Coronavirus in Pakistan has shown a consistent downward trend. From over six thousand cases a day at the peak of the virus, the daily cases are now usually less than fifteen hundred.

Nearly 272,000 people have so far tested positive and nearly 237,000 have made a recovery. Almost 5,800 people have passed away from the virus. The government’s policy to implement smart lockdowns in targeted areas appears to have worked well and results are showing just that.   

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