6% decrease in Incidents of violence against women reported

Published in Pakistan Observer (25 Feb. 2011)

ISLAMABAD: “There were 8000 incidents of violence against women in the country in 2010 according to the newspaper reports – which indicates a decrease of 6 per cent in the violence against women as compared to the preceding year in 2009.”
This information was revealed at a press conference by Aurat Foundation and Violence against Women Watch group (VAW) in Islamabad on Thursday. The two organizations have compiled a brief report “based on the reported cases in a majority of newspapers of the country as no FIR was registered in a large number of incidents, reflecting the citizens’ lack of confidence in police” told an official of Aurat Foundation. The report covers the incidents of violence against women in Pakistan during January -December 2010.

The summary of the report titled the “3rd Annual Statistics of Violence against Women” shows a positive sign with the decrease in violence. But at the same time, it is also a warning for the related authorities as it presents a pretty grim picture of the overall state of affairs regarding violence against women in Pakistan.

According to the figures in the report, “Out of a total 8000 incidents, as many as 5492 cases of violence were reported from Punjab; 1652 from Sindh; 650 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 79 from Baluchistan and 127 from Islamabad. The figures of Islamabad are alarming given the smaller population and high security maintained in the capital.”

Violence against women may take the form of beating, torture, rape, burning, confinement, honor killings, acid-throwing crimes and women trafficking. According to the report, out of the total incidents, “2236 women were abducted; 1436 women were murdered and 557 were killed in the name of ‘honour’ killing; 928 women were raped; 633 women committed suicide; 32 women were made victim of acid attacks and 38 women were target of stove burning.”

Human rights activist suggest that women should be encouraged to play an active in reducing the rate of violence on them.

The brief report highlighting the situation of violence against women in Pakistan in 2010 will be officially launched by March 2011. It report splits of offences reported from all over Pakistan and highlights the variance of statistics. There is general consensus that the more vulnerable citizens in the country were greatly exploited and made victim of violence.

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