Arshad Khan aka ‘Chai Wala’ opens café in Islamabad

The café, called Café Chaiwala, has a variety of dishes to choose from apart from the tea

A few years back, a blue eyed tea boy took the nation by storm. His good looks landed him instant instagram fame and recognition. The chai wala, whose real name is Arshad Khan, has since been working as a model on the ramp and music videos and even done a television show. He has just now launched his own café in the nation’s capital the Café Chaiwala.

“I’m proud that I was a tea-maker,” Khan said. He added that people advised him to drop the chaiwala and open the café with his own name. However, he went with is nickname as it brought him all the fame. “But I said no, this is my identity. This is the most important thing to me, since everything is attached to my name,” he said.

The café is traditionally styled with truck art and furniture of traditional nature. It is plenty colorful and will offer traditional crockery for the guests as well. Tea is a big part of everyday life of Pakistanis and such cafes can surely help the people quench their tea thirst.

Khan plans to pay more attention to his café for now. He will, however, continue his showbiz career as well. He also mentioned that some of his television shows are currently on air.

Who is chaiwala anyway?

Arshad Khan was spotted at a tea stall a few years back by one of the city’s photographers. He instantly shot to fame and started receiving offers for work. However, there has been controversy since with many news outlets posting fake quotes attributed to him. These included news about leaving showbiz due to the nature of the work, leaving Islamabad and being deported due to his Afghan roots. They all appear to be just rumors and we hope that Arshad finds success in his latest venture.

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