Austrian climber killed, two British mountaineers rescued by Pakistan Army

Two British mountaineers rescued by Pakistan Army, Austrian climber killed in an avalanche

Pakistani military helicopters rescued two British mountaineers in northern Pakistan on Sunday after an avalanche that killed their Austrian climbing partner, the military said.

The mountaineers were rescued from 7,338 meter Ultar Sar mountain located in Hunza Valley after an avalanche hit their tent.

Austrian Christian Huber was killed and the two British climbers, Bruce Normand and Miller Timothy, suffered injuries and were stranded for two days, Pakistan Army spokesman.

Major-General Asif Ghafoor tweeted a “daring mission” by army pilots successfully rescued Miller and Normand, but “Christian Huber from Austria had succumbed to avalanche.”

British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Thomas Drew, praised the Pakistani military’s rescue effort.

“A remarkable and dangerous rescue. Our gratitude to the Pakistan Army pilots who rescued two British climbers trapped by an avalanche on Ultar Sar Peak near Hunza. Our thoughts with their Austrian fellow climber who did not survive the avalanche,” tweeted Drew.

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