Boating, swimming, and fishing banned for two months in Islamabad

The ban has been placed keeping in view of the current water levels and the risk posed by it

Islamabad’s city administration has banned activities such as boating, swimming, and fishing in the water bodies of the federal capital for the next two months. Persistent post-monsoon rains have continued to lash down on the city and water reservoirs have reached their limit. Rawal Dam spillways are being opened every now and again as the water level reaches the dam’s limit.

The rain in Monsoon this year has been more than usual and many cities including Lahore and Karachi have experienced urban flooding. Islamabad has had fewer problems due to the better drainage system. However, Rawal Dam’s water capacity has been reached and once the spillway is opened, the allied nullahs flood. With fish coming with water, many people including fish vendors catch them. However, the city administration is strongly advising against any such actions since the flow of water is very fast. The water bodies include Rawal Dam, Simly Dam, Soan River, Korang Nullah, and other nullahs in Islamabad.

People of the low lying areas of the sister city Rawalpindi were advised to take precautions ahead of the opening of spillways. The capacity of the Rawal dam is 1,758ft with level water reached 1,751.9ft before spillways were opened. The capacity of Simly Dam is 2,315.05ft, and the dam’s spillways were opened 1ft at 6 am after water reached 2,315ft.

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