Four Paws to help rescue 30 animals from now closed Islamabad Zoo

Islamabad Wildlife Management Board expressed gratitude to Four Paws team for the support

Global animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS will join forces with Islamabad city administration to rescue 30 wild animals. The animals belong to the Margahzar Zoo, located in the federal capital. Islamabad High Court (IHC) recently ordered the closure of the zoo until it can be brought to international standards and certified by an accredited international body.

The poor condition of the animal came to the organization’s notice after two lions died due to poor handling at the hands of untrained workers. The lions were being moved to Lahore Zoo at the time.

Mission leader and Four Paws Veterinarian Dr. Amir Khalil pointed out issues with some of the animals. Many of these animals have faced cruelty and have developed behavioral disorders.

“Before the two bears came to the zoo, they were forced to perform as so-called ‘dancing bears’ and their teeth had been removed. Together with the zoo vet, we already had to perform an emergency surgery on the female bear as she had a severely infected wound resulting from a recent tumor removal,” said Khalil. “We have also noticed serious behavioral disorders in all of the animals. They are apathetic and at times aggressive.”

Islamabad Wildlife Management Board’s Chairman Dr. Anis ur Rahman said that the animals deserved a better dwelling and his organization is grateful for the support it is receiving from Four Paws.  

“We are grateful that the FOUR PAWS experts are in Islamabad to assist the local authorities with the medical assessment and relocation of the remaining animals at Marghazar Zoo,” said Dr. Anis ur Rahman. “These animals deserve a better future and we are happy to make this possible.”

The current state of the various zoos in the country is worrying. Wild animals are placed into small areas where they are unable to move freely. Many of the animals in the zoo are eventually developing mental health issues along with the physical ailments.  

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