Bus art show on Australia-Pakistan Culture hits the road

The painted buses will travel throughout Pakistan for local commuters to enjoy art on wheels

An exhibition of two public buses displaying artistry with Australian and Pakistani images was conducted with the assistance of The Australian High Commission in which Fatimah Saeed and Imran Ahmed showcased their talent along with other emerging artists of Pakistan.

Australian High Commissioner Dr. Geoffrey Shaw attended the exhibition and expressed his views on the diversity of Pakistani and Australian culture.

He said, “Our two countries have much in common – from our Commonwealth heritage and similar climates to our sporting and strong people-to-people links. More than 80,000 people of Pakistani origin call Australia home.”

The exhibition, comprising of a series of workshops to decorate the buses, was held at Lok Virsa Islamabad and Saeed Akhtar Studio Lahore. Around 100 students, from various art institutes of Pakistan, took part in the display along with the Pakistani-Australian artists Imran Ahmad and Fatima Saeed.
The purpose of the show was to develop cultural links between Australia and Pakistan along with encouraging innovative ideas for public places during the Covid pandemic.

Landmarks painted on the Buses:

The historic and cultural landmarks on buses include K-2, Badshahi Mosque Lahore, Sydney Opera House, Uluru, Three Sisters, Sydney Harbour Bridge, representing the cultural diversity and rich history of both countries.

 There are also trees and animals that are seen as iconic of Australia, in Pakistan e.g. Kangaroo and Australian cows. The design on the back represents Sydney Harbour ‘Bridge’ connecting (the famous mountains of) Pakistan and Australia (i.e. The Three Sisters and K-2).

The painted buses will travel throughout Pakistan for local commuters to enjoy art on wheels all across the country.

“We are excited that this project has given us the opportunity to create an accessible cross-country exhibition, that promotes creative ways of connecting people through art during the pandemic,” added Dr. Shaw, the High Commissioner.

The talented Pakistani-Australian artists Fatima Saeed and Imran Ahmad are former students of the University of New South Wales, Sydney and have presented their celebrated work of art across Australia and Pakistan. Other eminent artists who participated in the project include Ali Laraib Rizvi, Nisar Ahmed and Amal Nadeem.

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