CAA to install e-passport gates at major airports across Pakistan

The new e-passport gates will expedite immigration process in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced to install e-passport gates across major airports of Pakistan to facilitate the passengers and speed up time at passport control.

The automated passport control system will help passengers can get through the process as quickly as possible, avoiding long queues.

At the e-passport gates, travelers will only have to scan their passports and tickets to get their boarding passes.

In the first phase e-gates will be installed at airports in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, according to CAA.

The e-passport gates make airport operations smoother by improving efficiency, reducing staffing requirements, allowing airport staff to focus on important customer issues.

Meanwhile, CAA is also planning to install modern systems at Pakistan’s major airports to prevent bird strikes and ensure the safety of aircraft, crew and passengers.

Nuxhat Khurshid
Nuxhat Khurshid is a passionate writer, reader and documentary-maker. She mostly writes on environment, climate change and development issues for Islamabad Scene.

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