Government discourages outdoor activities on New Year’s Eve amid coronavirus

People should be careful in their celebrations as the number of COVID cases in Pakistan is on the rise

The government has advised Islamabad and Rawalpindi residents to avoid any unnecessary outdoor activities on the New Year’s night to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Police will be deployed in various areas of the twin cities to ensure that gatherings not following the SOPs are not allowed. The novel coronavirus is on the rise all over Pakistan, and large gathering can lead to its further spread.

Major malls typically celebrate the New Year with fireworks. Some enthusiasts even resort to aerial firing, which can be extremely dangerous. Youth from Rawalpindi often referred to as Pindi Boys, also indulge in one-wheeling with their bikes on the city’s main highways.

It is high time that the masses follow these guidelines and avoid large crowds. While celebrations are always fun, ensuring that everyone remains healthy is even more critical. Having fun at the expense of human life makes absolutely no sense.  

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