Changan Alsvin – Pakistan’s cheapest sedan launched

Master Motors has partnered with Changan to set up a production facility in Karachi at $100 million cost

The most-awaited Changan Alsvin car has officially arrived in Pakistan.

Changan, a top Chinese automobile manufacturer, has partnered with Master Motors to launch the new vehicles in Pakistan.

The digital reveal was hosted by the CEO of Master Changan Motors, Danial Malik. In his address, he explained how the Alsvin Sedan is going to be a game-changer for the Pakistani automotive industry.

The small-sized sedan with an engine size of 1.4L and 1.5L will be priced between 2 million rupees and 2.5 million rupees, making it the least costly sedan in the country. Alsvin should give a tough time to these vehicles in the same category as Toyota Yaris and Honda Citi.

The vehicle is currently imported, and it will probably take some time before the production starts in Pakistan. It is also reported that Master Motors plans on introducing a Changan SUV in Pakistan. However, the details of the particular product have yet to be finalized.  

Master Motors, Changan join hands

Master Motors has partnered with Changan Motors in Pakistan to start vehicle production in Pakistan. A plant with a cost of $100 million has been set up in Karachi, with 70% of the finances coming from Master Motors. Changan is the fourth largest vehicle manufacturer in China. The 2016-2021 Automotive Policy appears to be offering results.

Changan currently has seventeen dealerships across Pakistan – one in KP, one in Balochistan, four in Sindh, and eleven in Punjab.

Engine specs

The front-wheel driven sedan comes in two engine options—both as VVT 4 cylinders called “Blue Core” by Changan. A 1480cc Engine has 106 Horse Power (HP) and 145 Newton Meters (NM) of torque. The second version is a 1370cc Engine that has 99HP and 135NM of torque. Technically, both engines are very similar except for the 110cc of difference in displacement.

A much-needed addition to the local competition

The addition of Alsvin will add a much need competition to the current players that are limited to a handful of much-overpriced options. The media reports indicate that the sedan’s overall quality will be much better than those currently available. The standard options will also be much improved upon what is usually on offer. This should serve as a wake-up call for the Japanese automakers selling vehicles with minimal features at premium rates.

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