Chinese traditional art signifies harmony

Chinese brush paintings at Pak-China Friendship Center

Swift strokes of the brush, deep philosophical thinking and visions of nature combined in beautiful Chinese brush paintings reflecting the art and culture of China is awaiting Pakistanis at the Pakistan-China Friendship Centre.

To celebrate the inauguration of Pakistan-China Friendship Centre, masterpieces of the Chinese Brush Painting titled ‘Ink Rhyme of Harmony’ has been put on display here in Islamabad on Sunday. The exhibition is jointly organized by Ministry of Culture, Chinese Government, China International Exhibition Agency and Pakistan National Council of the Arts.

Fifty of China’s finest brush paintings at the exhibition include the works of Chinese masters Wu Changshuo, Qi Baishi, Pan Tianshou, Lin Fengmian and Li Keran etc. Contemporary works by artists such as Wu Guanzhong, Wang Mingming and Shi Chuan will also be on display. [dt_gap height=”12″ /]
Harmony is a keyword in the Chinese civilization and by the aesthetic realm of ‘water and ink mutual dyeing, dynamic and static co-existing’ Chinese brush paintings has fully annotated the idea of harmony in Chinese culture. Along with the message of harmony, the exhibition proves to be one of many events organized to signify the deep rooted friendship of Pakistan and China by bringing the exclusive Chinese paintings to Pakistan.
Many of the Chinese works blend painting and poetry, a technique pioneered by poet and painter Wang Wei, which has become one of the main characteristics of Chinese paintings.
Ms. Sajida, a visitor said, “Having visited China, I believe Chinese brush painting is a unique way of expressing harmonious emotion and state of the world by simple ink color. It reflects the simplicity of the Chinese people as well.”
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The beautiful painting of modern Chinese artists is not only a source of delight for spectators but also compel them to appreciate the unique artistic expressions and the spirit infused in the paintings.[dt_gap height=”12″ /]
Yao Shunxi’s ‘All time is spring’, Yu Jigao’s ‘Garden full of Grape’ and PuXuezhai’s ‘Follower and Bird’ reflects the theme of nature and serenity, while Song Wenzhi’s ‘Early spring in southern part’ carries the message of harmony of nature and man.
“It is rare to see Chinese brush paintings outside of China, since most of these priceless paintings” said Ahmed Ali, a visitor.
Pak-China Friendship Centre is a unique gift from the Chinese Government to the people of Pakistan and it will provide an opportunity to exhibit the arts and culture of both the countries. The Chinese brush painting exhibition is the first one in the line to provide the exclusive opportunity for Pakistanis to witness the marvelous work of famous Chinese painters.
Brush painting is one of the most important categories of Chinese art, which represents the greatest achievements of traditional art by embodying the unique characters and philosophy rooted in the values of the Chinese people. Watching the forever changing universe while engaging in the objects near and far, Chinese painters emphasize the rhyme and spirit, “demonstrate the greatness in heart” by the potential change of the ink colour and shape with ink in the pursuit of the artistic realm of releasing spirit out of body and reposing the emotion in the moral.
Affected deeply by the traditional Chinese philosophy, brush painting has surpassed the aesthetic feel of pure visionary enjoyment while it has promoted the taste to the philosophical height of pursuing the order of universe and soul.

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