Rare Korean Art at display in Islamabad

Korean artist gives the message to revert to nature

Vibrant colours combined with soothing images in the paintings of Korean artist, Ae Jae Lee offered the message to the world ‘to go back to nature’ to recuperate peace in our chaotic lives.
The painting exhibition titled ‘Sacred Forest’ organized by Gandhara Art and Cultural Association was aimed at bridging the cultural links between Pakistan and Korea.
Ambassador of South Korea, Choong Joo Choi inaugurated the unique Korean painting exhibition at Khaas art gallery, Islamabad on Tuesday. Madame Choong was also present at the occasion and the ceremony was widely attended by artists and art lovers of the city.
The title of the painting ‘sacred forest’ gave the impression to the spectators that the artist was living in a place like small forest and the view of the forest with trees and birds offer joy and peace to her.
Ae Jae Lee, the artist with 4 decades of experience believed that “the artists get their peace and joy by painting.”
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Ancient art from is based on law of nature and depicts that everything in the universe in interconnected with nature. The images of forest and animals depicted in soft colours present a calm and quiet but active life. The chaotic life of today has separated man from nature because of which “there is a strong sense of tension among people”, this is why the Korean artist’s work gives man the message to unite with nature to recuperate harmony in our lives.[dt_gap height=”14″ /]
Curator of the Khaas gallery, Zishan Afzal Khan said “this is the first time we have put on display art from Korea in our gallery and we hope to continue such cross cultural exchange programs.”
Ms. Kyo Soon Park, a poet believed that such art exhibitions will help to join the ties between the peoples of both countries.
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This was Ms. Lee’s fourth painting exhibition in Pakistan. However she has been engaged in bridging the people-to-people contact between Pakistan and Korea through art, as she has organized a display of the work of Pakistani artists in Korea displaying 80 art pieces from Pakistan, Ms. Lee informed. [dt_gap height=”14″ /]
Zulfiqar Rahim of Gandhara Art and Cultural Association commented “I find the work extremely beautiful, an excellent effort to help us realize the power of nature.”
The brilliant exhibition will be open for display till Friday 31st Dec and the paintings are affluently priced between Rs. 33,500 to Rs. 110,500.

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