Dead fish in Islamabad’s Rawal Lake alarm local residents

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Dead fish in Islamabad’s Rawal Lake alert citizens. Water supply halted from Rawal Lake after reports of toxic water.

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Islamabad capital authorities are inspecting the water samples in the city’s main reservoir after tons of dead fish washup up along the shore of Rawal Lake.

The reports of the presence of some toxic element in Islamabad’s Rawal Lake alarmed the local residents.

For now, it is safe to assume that the water is fit for human consumption. Samples of water collected from Rawal Lake were found to be fine for drinking after the water tests, Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Mushtaq Ahmed said. The water was tested at National Agricultural Research Center.

The water samples and dead fish have also been sent to Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources and National Institute of Health Islamabad for further inspection.

Rawal Lake is the chief source of water for Rawalpindi city while Islamabad gets its water supply from the nearby Simly and Khanpur dams, Ahmed maintained.

Water supply to twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, has been halted following appearing reports regarding mixing poison in the Rawal Dam. This action is feared to lead to a shortage of water supply.

A probe was ordered after many fish were found dead in the reservoir. The Islamabad police have collected water and dead fish samples from the Rawal Lake, which was allegedly poisoned for investigation.

“Samples of water and dead fish from Rawal Lake have been collected and sent for forensic testing after a complaint received from the capital’s fisheries department” Police officer Imran Haider informed media.

However, the fisheries department have not yet issued any alert concerning the situation.

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‘Local mafia’ blamed in FIR for contamination of Islamabad’s Rawal Lake

A large number of fish were found dead in Rawal Dam due to the pouring of some poisonous substance, according to First Information Report (FIR) registered at the Secretariat Police Station.

Some days ago, a major operation was carried out by ICT against the mafia and 20 boats were seized while five persons were arrested.

The FIR report registered by Deputy Director Fisheries Department Islamabad Muhammad Sadiq Buzdar mentions that people from the mafia were prevented from fishing and boating in the dam as there is a complete ban on fishing and boating in Rawal dam.

This action, he said, may have annoyed mafia which added poisonous material into the water that has killed nearly 240 tonnes of fishes so far.

“After the operation, this mafia began their terrorist activities and mixed some lethal poison in the water of Rawal Lake and till date many fish have been found dead.”

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WASA claims no poison or toxic material not found in Rawal Dam

The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) on Saturday claimed that the poison had not been found in the water of Rawal Dam.

They said water of Rawal Dam is tested on regular basis. They said they got no proof of mixing any poisonous material in water. They said small dam organisations used to inform WASA in case water was toxic.

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