Friday, January 27, 2023

Dubai-based Pakistani woman mountaineer Naila Kiani begins K2 expedition

A Dubai-based Pakistani woman mountaineer, who had her wedding celebration at the base camp of K2, has now begun her journey to summit the world’s second tallest peak.

She has set out on a new mission nearly a year after becoming the first Pakistani woman to have conquered the 8,000-meter high Gasherbrum II, the world’s 13th highest peak, which is in Pakistan.

Naila summitted G2 in her maternity leave

The passionate climber, who is a banker by profession, summitted the 8,035 meter high G2 when her daughter was only seven and a half months old. It is worth mentioning here that G2 was the first mountain Naila had ever climbed.

“I climbed G2 during my maternity leave. I headed straight into work when I came back after doing my summit as I have a fulltime job.”

Naila’s team for K-2 expedition

Naila, in her push for K-2 summit will be accompanied by Sirbaz Khan and Suhail Sakhi. It is the same team that was with Naila when she summited G2 last year, except for Late Ali Raza Sadpara. “The same G2 team is going to K2,” said Naila. Sirbaz Khan had summited K2 in 2018.

Nalia dedicates K2 expedition to Ali Raza Sadpara (late)

The climbing enthusiast has dedicated the K-2 expedition to her mentor the late Ali Raza Sadpara, reminiscing how encouraging and lively he was.

“We have decided to dedicate this expedition to Ali Raza chacha,” said Naila before leaving for the expedition on Friday.

Ali Raza Sadpara passed away last month while recovering from injuries he had sustained during a training climb for the K2 expedition that Naila and her team started on Friday.

“My expedition has now taken on a new meaning. I am definitely going. Chacha’s not in this world anymore to realise his dream but I will dedicate my climbing expedition to him,” Naila revealed.

“When I reached base camp after the G2 summit, Ali Raza chacha was the one who said, ‘You can climb K2’,” recalled Naila. “He gave me that confidence.”

Naila’s sponsors for K2 expedition

Naila’s K2 expedition has been sponsored by the Bilquis and Abdul Razak Dawood Foundation. “Without their support, K2 wouldn’t have been possible for me,” she said, adding that they have a vision to support talented youth in Pakistan not only in the field of education but also in sports. “They are helping so many other individuals like me.”

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