Monday, November 28, 2022

India blocks Pakistan’s invitation to Global Development conference by China

India blocked an invitation to Pakistan for the High-level Dialogue on Global Development conference on June 24 held virtually on the sidelines of the BRICS meetings hosted by China.

The meeting was attended by dozens of non-member countries including Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Malaysia, and Thailand among others.

Responding to media queries on Pakistan being sidelined and overlooked by the time-tested friend China, the Foreign Office clarifies on Monday that “China being the host country engaged with Pakistan prior to the BRICS meetings.” However, the decision to invite non-members to BRICS events is taken after consultations with all BRICS members.

“Regrettably one member blocked Pakistan’s participation,” the Foreign Office said without naming India.

BRICS has five members – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS).

However, Pakistan’s ministry of foreign affairs hoped that the “future engagement of the organization would be based on the principles of inclusivity keeping in view the overall interests of the developing world and in a manner that is devoid of narrow geopolitical considerations.”

The foreign office spokesperson said that “Pakistan stands ready to work with all developing countries, including the BRICS members for addressing the challenges faced by the global community.”

The official statement also appreciated China’s role in promoting the interests of the developing countries. “Together with China, Pakistan has been a strong voice for global peace, shared prosperity and inclusive development. Pakistan is the current chair of G77+China and also part of group of friends of the Global Development Initiative (GDI).”

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