Pakistan’s Ehsaas Program to hold ethical hacking competition, set up a cyber-security wing

Measures announced to ensure that hackers cannot target Ehsaas Program

Ehsaas Program will organize a competition for ethical hackers to find any vulnerabilities in implementing a Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (VDP). The exercise will help find any issues in the system that can be exploited in the future. Such competitions are carried out in different parts of the world by many prominent organizations to ensure that they remove any and all system vulnerabilities.

Dr Sania Nishtar, PM’s Special Assistant, shared the information during a joint meeting of the Risk Assurance and Management and Audit Committees of BISP Board, where several agenda items were discussed including internal reporting, audits and assessments of the various departments internally

“Since Ehsaas’ operations are largely digital, it is critical to ensure that IT safety measures are in place; more than 100 steps have been taken to secure the IT system in that regard over the last two years since she took over,” Dr Sania informed.

Set up of a cyber-security wing

A cyber security-wing is being set up for the Ehsaas program to ensure the system remains safe. According to the Director-General IT, the wing’s scope has been defined, and the terms of reference have been put in place for the people to be hired. An expression of interest in this regard has already been floated to solicit applications.

Importance of cyber-security

In this day and age, every single computer is connected to the internet. Hackers can exploit any system vulnerabilities and hack into it to steal data or even hold it hostage for ransom.

Over the last few years, many international organizations, especially with financial dealings, have been targeted by hackers worldwide. By carrying out such ethical hacking activities and setting up a cyber-security wing, the government can improve the Ehsaas Program’s security and lower the risk of it being successfully targeted by the hackers.   

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