Germany offers support to help Pakistanis during COVID-19

Germany offers food rations, hygiene kits, preventive health care service to Pakistanis amid COVOD-19

With hopes emerging that Germany’s COVID-19 curve is gradually flattening, the European country is keen to offer assistance to other countries like Pakistan that are still facing rising numbers of cases.

The German Federal Foreign Office is providing 300 million euros for COVID-19-related humanitarian assistance worldwide, making a substantial contribution in response to the global humanitarian appeals from the United Nations and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Most of Germany’s COVID-19-related financial support is realized through multilateral institutions like the World Bank or Asian Development Bank.

The German government financially supports humanitarian organizations like Malteser International or the German Red Cross which is closely cooperating with the Pakistan Red Crescent Society to provide the Pakistani people with access to emergency food assistance, hygiene knowledge and material as well as preventive health care services, particularly in Sindh.

Moreover, the German Embassy is also supporting Pakistani organizations to offer food rations and hygiene kits to vulnerable parts of the Pakistani population as well as education about physical and mental health.

German Ambassador Bernhard Schlagheck offered his sincere condolences to “Pakistani families hit hard by the loss of loved ones due to the pandemic.”

With financial support to help fight COVID-19 in Pakistan, “Germany would like to underline that it stands side by side with the Pakistani people in these trying times” he said.

“The joint fight against the novel virus and its socio-economic consequences is yet another new facet of the many-sided trustful cooperation between Germany and Pakistan. Let us try together to overcome economic hardships and bring relief to the vulnerable” as the world is united in the face of the necessity to put a halt to the spread of COVID-19.

As the virus knows no borders, global solidarity is required which implies working on joint solutions as well as strengthening multilateralism, the statement from the embassy reads. “Germany is therefore offering humanitarian assistance to countries like Pakistan, both on a multilateral and bilateral level.”

Additionally, Germany as part of Team Europe has pledged 525 million euros for the Global Response Initiative to fight COVID-19.

The European Union has also offered an aid package of more than USD 163 million (Rs.26 billion) to Pakistan to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and to address country’s most pressing health, social and economic challenges.

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