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As both arms of clock reached 12 and the date turned to 14, August, 2011 Pakistanis geared up to celebrate one the biggest festivals of the year. Yes, our independence day seems no less than a festival with all the lightings, fireworks, bike and car rallies, and flag hoisting ceremonies. Only this time, Pakistani internet users had one more reason to celebrate and for that they are thankful to Google Doodle Pakistan special logo. This:

“For the very first time in the history of Google they have made a Google Doodle for Pakistan on the Independence Day of the country, 14 August. Google has put this Doodle on the Google’s Pakistani Domain Homepage (” expressed one Pakistani user here.

The Green Google Doodle represents the true color of Pakistan, (which is Green, the dominant colour in Pakistan’s flag) created quite artistically. The “l” of Google is replaced by “Minar-e-Pakistan” which is considered as the National symbol of Pakistan (located in Lahore, Pakistan), and the upper half of the “g” is replaced by “a Crescent and a Star” representing Pakistan’s national flag.

“The logo is simple and artistic.” writes Zunnurain Khalid.

“This is the first time ever that Google has featured a doodle for any Pakistani event, and what better it could be than the independence day. As a Pakistani i am personally very proud of Google that they have supported somehow from this world.” wrote Salman Qamar here.

According to Rabia Garib,

“There are many reasons to love Google, and 170 million Pakistanis just got one more – the Google Doodle for 14th August, the day Pakistan was founded, has been sighted on the Google landing page.. The shining star that is the centerpiece on the Pakistan flag along with one of the milestone monuments, the Minar-e-Pakistan will be the pride and joy for Pakistani citizens around the world.”

“We offer thanks to Google for giving us such a wonderful gift on the birthday of our beloved country Pakistan and a Special thanks to Mr. Badar Khushnood (Google’s Country Consultant for Pakistan), without whose efforts it would not have been possible.” remarked one blogger.

Note: The Google Doodle for Pakistan is only on the local domain of Google i.e., not on

Google Doodle:

Doodles, as described by Google itself, are the decorative changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists and scientists. The first Google Doodle[9] was in honor of the Burning Man Festival of 1998. Throughout the next years, Google started occasionally adding captivating decorations to its logo for various holidays and events.
“Google Doodles” have now become a part of Internet culture which the users find quite amusing as they also learn about interesting events along with daily searches. One of the most memorable logo could have been Google’s guitar logo which people played off and enjoyed all day long. The guitar logo designed to mark the 96th birthday of electric guitar pioneer Les Paul is considered best yet as Google has created a dedicated website for it as it gained huge popularity on blogs and news pages.

Here is a list of colourful and enchanting Google Doodle logos with brief description.

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