How to kill time when your Flight is delayed?

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By Tazeen Hoda

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We all love traveling, but do we like waiting at the airport? Don’t think so! The best part about traveling is, well, traveling itself. The worst part about it though is waiting at the airport before you board onto your flight. Traveling alone is even worse as you don’t feel the passing of time when someone is travelling along with you. Travel gets more agonizing when the flight gets delayed and you are already at the airport.

Flight delays are surely an inconvenience, but you can utilize your time well too. Here are some great tips on how to pass time at the airport:

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Explore the airport

Once you get to know that you have much time before you board onto the plane and after you are done cursing everyone possibly responsible for the delay, get up from your seat and start walking. Start walking towards the beginning of the airport and explore every corner of it. Visit the shops, the lounges, the pathways, restaurants and even restrooms. Airports are so big that you will easily be able to pass your time. It will also tire or exhaust you, you can then sleep peacefully in the plane.

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Relax in the lounge

Airport lounges are very relaxing and have some amazing facilities that you can avail for free. Airports offer free food, free Wi-Fi, music and even a place to sleep. If you are a frequent traveler or have a membership with businesses that offer free airport lounge services, you should definitely benefit from it.


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Make use of the gadgets

Always carry your gadgets and laptop while traveling. When you are sitting doing nothing at the airport, open up your laptop and finish your work if you have some. You may want to clear your laptop or smartphone from the unwanted files or photos that you have been wanting to but didn’t get the time yet. Listen to music or download your favorite tv show or movie, using the airport’s free Wi-Fi and watch it.

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Read Books or Magazines

All airports are equipped with thousands of magazines and books for sale at most airports. There is no better way to kill time than immerse yourself in a good book. Waiting at airport is a good time to open your mind and learn something new.

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Shop around

Besides these tips, you can also spoil yourself by shopping, eating some delicious food at the restaurants or just sit and live in the moment, observing your surrounding. Shopping at duty-free shops is one of the best experiences that you can only enjoy at airports and buy some great things for yourself as well as family and friends.


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