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Imran Khan demands immediate elections, hints at Islamabad protest in Lahore jalsa

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has demanded immediate elections in the country while asking his supporters and party workers to get ready and “wait for his call” for the upcoming protest in Islamabad.

“We don’t want any confrontation but the mistake of imposing the ‘imported government’ can only be rectified by holding immediate elections in the country,” the former prime minister said in his speech, adding, “We do not want to hurt our country but we won’t accept this imported government in any way. This movement will gain momentum.”

Towards the end of his one-hour-long speech, Mr. Khan said that if his opponents were wondering what would happen after the Lahore rally, “my message to them is that the real party has only just started.”

“I’m not giving a call just to the PTI but all of Pakistan. You all have to prepare in the streets, cities, and villages. You have to wait for my call when I call you all to Islamabad. I want to make it clear that I don’t want a confrontation,” said Khan during his speech at the mammoth public gathering at the Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore.

He noted that he has directed the entire PTI leadership to spread across the country and prepare the nation for the next stage of the “freedom struggle”.

Tribute to the Law-enforcing agencies

The former PM highlighted that if Pakistan did not have a skilled army, the enemies would have split the country into three parts

In addition to the police and other law-enforcement agencies, the PTI Chairman also extended heavy tribute to the armed forces, for paying huge sacrifices due to one wrong decision of former military ruler Pervaiz Musharraf.

Foreign conspiracy of regime change

Commenting on the “foreign conspiracy of regime change” in Pakistan, Khan said that with the help of “three stooges”, the United States had unlawfully ousted an elected government in Pakistan.

“The conspiracy against my government was hatched when the country’s economy was performing well. The country had the highest ever export of $32 billion, the highest ever tax collection of over Rs. 6 trillion, and the lowest unemployment in the region,” he said.

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